OneGirlOneBoy - Dirty Town 
OneGirlOneBoy - Dirty Town

Release Date: 28th October 2013

Nottingham duo OneGirlOneBoy are back with a new track off the recent EP and 'Dirty Town' is an atmospherically soulful triumph for my money. Vocalist Natasha Miller has a voice that would rival Karen O or PJ Harvey for its emotional range and depth as well as an eccentricity that I once heard in underrated 90s indie freaks 12 rounds but have seldom heard since. Musically, the guitars are epic, the drums are insistent and the basslines pulsating. All in all, this is a delightful slice of darkly seductive indie pop and I, for one, approve. Carry on about your business people.

Live Dates:
19th October - Oxjam Beeston, Bartons
25th October - Jam Cafe, Nottingham

29th October - Cookie Jar, Leicester