Kins - Aimless 
Kins - Aimless

When I was really drunk once I made myself a late night snack of a chunky peanut butter and Bovril sandwich. It shouldn't have worked but it really did and to this day, every now and again, I will revisit that snack with deep affection. Kins have a similar impact on me in that their Alt-J vocals combined with Dutch Uncles disregard for time signatures and a love of woozy melodies shouldn't really provide a compelling listening experience but, somehow, it works. I suspect the loose, groove laden drums and explorative guitar noodling has something to do with it but, hey, let's not over analyse. All you need to know is that 'Aimless' - perfect title by the way - has a gentle enough style to make it appealing to the masses coupled with enough artistic ingenuity to appeal to the musical snobs out there. Surely it's a win-win scenario?

Live Dates:

31st October - Oakford Social Club, Reading
11th November - Joiners, Southampton (w/Francis Lung)
12th November - Gullivers, Manchester (w/Francis Lung)
13th November - Broadcast, Glasgow
14th November - Shipping Forecast, Liverpool (w/Franci Lung)
15th November - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (All Years Leaving Festival)
16th November - Start The Bus, Bristol (w/Coleen Green)
18th November - Birthdays, London (w/Francis Lung)

21st November - The Hope, Brighton (w/Francis Lung)