Jamie Lenman - Fizzy Blood/Pretty Please (Xtra Mile Recordings) 
Jamie Lenman - Fizzy Blood/Pretty Please

Release Date: 28th October 2013

I have a friend, a friend called Ben. On the one hand, Ben is a cad, a bounder and the absolute last person I would introduce to any woman I had any affection for. On the other hand, Ben has a sensitive soul, bakes amazing cakes and has a terrifyingly encyclopaedic knowledge of musicals. It is because of this duality of personality that I love Ben and it is for very similar reasons that I absolutely adore the music that comes out of the head of Mr Jamie Lenman. This debut solo single from the ex-Reuben front-man is the perfect example of both barrels on his particular cannon, pitting the fierce, unrelenting riff heaviness of 'Fizzy Blood' against the charming, slick indie-swing-pop of 'Pretty Please'. Both are songs that in their own right I would love but the fact that they come from one mind, on one single and, in this case, share the same video just makes me a little bit gushing. I mean, for crying out loud, here is a guy that in the space of 5 minutes could headline the Download Festival before going on to the musical guest on Strictly Come Dancing. How many artists can you name who could do that? Apart from Ozzy Osbourne. There's an album coming out soon too which should be pretty special and a handful of live dates that, by all accounts, will be the first and last for this collection of songs. Go see him. I wish I could. Oh, and Ben? He kinda looks like Lenman too. Weird, eh? 

More information:  http://www.jamielenman.com/

Live Dates:

10th November - Banquet Records, Kingston-Upon-Thames
4th December - Green Door Store, Brighton
5th December - Temple, Birmingham
6th December - King Tuts, Glasgow
7th December - Night & Day, Manchester
8th December - Thekla, Bristol
9th December - Garage, London

10th December - Garage, London