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Spiritwo - Primitive Township EP 
Spiritwo - Primitive Township EP

Release Date: 18th November 2013

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the rock genre at the moment which is no bad thing but, as with all genres, some is good and some is, well, not so good. Spiritwo are a London based quartet fronted by renowned visual artist Yael Claire Shahmoon, a woman with a compelling and enthrallingly dramatic vocal style. Opening track 'Soul Mate' starts with a playful keyboard melody and delicate syncopated rhythm before a chunky, bass heavy riff takes the song to a darker place. This is dramatic, serious stuff with an almost theatrical bent to it which will appeal to fans of Muse's more far-out ideas. 'Sometimes' sees Shahmoon exploring a greater range of vocal styles from the operatic to the downright aggressive via the likes of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Regina Spektor but, for me, this is the kind of music I'd expect to hear in a sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, such is it's over the top performance and, again, theatrical nature. Third and final track, 'Dive Down', is a doomy, overblown piece of drama that features the odd, almost childlike repeated refrain of "bare with me" followed by the more sinister "I'll be your friend forever" and I'm just not sure what these guys are going for. They clearly have talent and ideas in abundance but they might do better not to try and cram them all in to every song so that there is some space to let the songs breathe and be more subtle in their delivery.

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