Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Radio Radio - Weird Alice 
Radio Radio - Weird Alice

Kids eh? They just keep getting younger and more precocious don't they? But then again, some of them pick up guitars and start doing something worthwhile with all that free time that comes from not having to have jobs or pay council tax or look for places to live. Radio Radio are four lads making the most of their spare time by writing blues infused, shambly indie rock like the charming 'Weird Alice'. Apart from the fact that I can't help but feel there's a girl called Alice in a 6th Form College somewhere who is developing a bit of a complex from hearing this wafting out of the music rooms at lunch time, I quite like this song. There is an early Subways or Libertines charm about it but I would cut at least 30 seconds of the song to retain a bit more of a punk urgency.

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