Monday, 26 August 2013


Zircon - Across The Ocean 
Zircon - Across The Ocean

Never, ever, ever let it be said that my tastes aren't eclectic. My bottom line is that the music has to instigate some kind of reaction in me and after that it's down to myriad tiny details which are hard to explain but if that instant reaction is there then we've got something to work with. Now, despite sounding like some evil chemical company from an improbable 80s film starring Fred Savage as the world's only hope, Zircon is actually the pseudonym of Baltimore based Andrew Aversa for he is the man behind these delightful bleeps, whirs and beats. Imagine, if you will, Daft Punk remixing pretty much any artist from the Anjuna Beats label but with added challenge of making sure the listener knows that there is a very definite 90s dance influence. Got it? Then you've basically just imagined 'Across The Ocean'. Well done you. It's a cracking little dance track with fun, melodies and that all important arms in the air moment as well as some Robert Myles piano and Daft Punk digital voices for good measure. The guy has produced 10 albums of this stuff since starting in 2004 apparently and if they are half as good as this tune then you have to wonder why this guy isn't huge already. My suggestion is change the name from Zircon to Aversa and either get a fancy helmet or pretend to be French.

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