Stars & Flights - Ruin EP (Ghoulish Records)
Stars & Flights - Ruin EP

Like a lot of people, I'm a secret rock fan. I can talk the talk but can I really walk the walk? I don't have any tattoos or piercings. My hair is pretty normal. I drive a Citroen. Have I earned the right to rock out? Yes, I have. You see, rock is for anyone who wants it. Anyone prepared to take the time to actively listen, to hear the subtleties in amongst the walls of noise and to find the magic in those little guitar flicks and drum fills that can lift your day beyond anything imaginable. Neath trio Stars & Flights are fine purveyors of rock in its truest form full of raw emotion, musical ability and unrestrained passion.

The opening track on this EP, title track 'Ruin', is pure Biffy Clyro with its angular, dissonant riffs and perfectly constructed loud-quiet bits. It doesn't quite have the huge, sing-along choruses of a Biffy smash but it's still a great tune with addictive hooks and a driving beat. 'The Lights Went Out' is a little more American sounding and has hints of early Incubus and the Hundred Reasons sound that was so influenced by our friends across the pond. There is a shout along chorus that will undoubtedly sound immense being chanted back at the band by a packed venue. Third and final track 'Inhale/Exile' takes us back to the Biffy-isms but, for me, this is the strongest track of the EP. The breakneck speed of the drums, the massive chorus and the planet-sized riffs are the perfect way to sign off this EP and leave folk wanting more. It's so refreshing to come across a new British band playing rock with melodies, hooks and ability and I can only hope that more people get to hear these guys as we need some new exciting talent in the British rock arena.

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