Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Def Mekh - Death Ray 
Def Mekh - Death Ray

Comfort zones. Funny things, aren't they? You don't really appreciate them until you're out of them. Like trousers. Anyway, it's a popularly held belief that it is a good thing to take yourself out of your comfort zone from time-to-time and Def Mekh are doing this to me right now....and I like it! This London based tio of Mel, Kuba and Eddy describe themselves as a Funky House-Dubstep-Breakbeat  band and they are boldly hitting the unsuspecting public with their debut single, 'Death Ray'. Now, to my ears, there isn't a lot to this tune - there are big juicy samples, head nodding beats and the sultry vocals of singer Mel laid over the top like a silk sheet on a vibrating bed. Having said that, the tune is on its 4th spin and it has a strangely addictive quality which can only bode well. Add to that the air of mystery about these guys - only one photo of the band on the Facebook page and that is just a picture of Kuba's back - and you genuinely feel like you're getting on at the ground floor with these guys - let's see if they can make it all the way up to the penthouse after party shall we?

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