Monday, 27 May 2013


The Sea The Sea - Four Demos EP 
The Sea The Sea - Four Demos EP

Oh I do love it when new bands get in touch at the very start of their journey, it's so much more exciting than getting a nice tidy package from a PR company. Oxford's The Sea The Sea are one such band, possibly named after the Iris Murdoch novel but I prefer to think of it as the excited yelps of a city dwelling 6 year old on their first visit to the British coastline on a grey, uninspiring day. Having amassed just two live performances and a handful of positive reviews, The Sea The Sea are taking their first musical steps the old fashioned way by just getting the music right and not concentrating on any of the tempting frills. This collection of tunes kicks off with the sparse but urgent indie of the 'The Winter Parade' which brings to mind Editors, British Sea Power or Young Knives with its rattling bass lines, carefully selected guitars and fragile but honest vocal performances. There is a very British bleakness about this tune in a 'it's always darkest before the dawn' kind of way that forces hope and despair in to the same head space in a way that tugs at the heartstrings. 'Waterfall' is a more gentle, calm-after-the-storm type of song which has elements of Gene or my current favourites The B Of The Bang. The crashing guitars of the crescendo and cymbal heavy drums wash over you like sea spray on a bitter sea front in January - bracing, refreshing and cleansing. Final track 'Something Happened' has a slightly more 1980s feel to it and can surely only be played by men holding their guitars at nipple height, such is the tightness and brevity of the guitar work. This is wonderfully British Indie in its best form with deadpan delivery, melodies used but not overused, songs charged with emotion and the promise of even better things to come. The Sea The Sea are still finding their feet but like a baby who goes from crawling to walking within a few seconds there is a hint of genius surrounding this music.

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