Tuesday, 28 May 2013


EkeBuba - Schmecks
EkeBuba - Schmecks

Every now and again, I get emails from bands asking for a gig. Now, this isn't unreasonable - I used to put on gigs in London with a group of friends and so it's not surprising that bands get in touch - but usually these bands are God-awful no-hopers who've found it impossible to get gigs through the normal channels so have resorted to dredging up my email address from the darkest recesses of the internet. However, in the case of  Croatian trio EkeBuba, I am genuinely gutted that I can no longer offer a slot at a gig in a small, sweaty venue in central London.

Anyway, on to the music. Opening track 'Keep Being Black' has a punk-rockabilly swagger about it that the Hives tried to achieve and Rocket From The Crypt nailed. The only things missing here are a couple of baritone saxophones and a few flick knives flying around. 'Home' has a more straightforward style that brings to mind a period in my life when I spent  a lot of time watching the Yo-Yos play gigs around the North of England. That's the great thing about this album, EkeBuba haven't picked up on the mainstreamed punk of Blink 182 or Green Day, they're channelling the Clash, the Damned and other Great British punk bands - something you don't hear too much of these days. Things take a turn for the incomprehensible on 'Iz Loseg u Gore' but that has more to do with my inability to speak Croatian than it does to do with the singing. Nevertheless, there are Motorhead influences running through this riff heavy beast and only a  rock'n'roll denier would fail to at least nod along to this one. 'Show No Feelings' has a relentless, driving energy about it that, I would guess, makes it a great set closer at their undoubtedly sweaty and crammed gigs. In fact, the only issue I have with this 'mini album' in fact is that it is only four tracks long and comes in at a whopping 7 minutes and 7 seconds. I mean, don't be afraid of the EP, it's a genuine medium to release your music within. Anyway, if any promoters or bookers are reading this then get in touch with these guys and bring them over to these shores - you'll love them and so will your punters.

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