Hook and the Twin - That Was A Day

Hook and the Twin - That Was A Day (Free Download)

During my 10 year stretch in London I met and befriended a number of people who had been born outside the UK but had come here to follow dreams, fall in love or just to live a life they couldn't live elsewhere. I always felt that these people, if they hung around long enough, seemed to become more English than I was in that they knew more about real ales, could play cricket and had more early Bowie records than I did. Hook and the Twin kinda remind me of these people in that, in my head, their music couldn't sound more continental but this song has an undeniably English feel to it. Drummer Marcus Efstratiou and Everything-else-ist Tom Havelock, for they are Hook and the Twin, have created a dreamy, electro-acoustic pop tune that is a modern day version of the Beatles' 'A Day In The Life' which is hard to resist - not that you should try. 'That Was A Day' is the bastard child of some kind of inter-genre love in between Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, LCD Soundsystem, Temposhark and Ben's Symphonic Orchestra and you can tell it's parents had fun making it. Insistent beats, dreamy vocals and twinkly, sprinkly synths make for a perfect summery record that should soundtrack many a morning-after-the-night-before realisations and clean up operations at house parties around the UK this summer. There is an album to follow in June and, for once, here is a band that seem to have got their timing just right - providing summer decides to turn up that is...

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14th June - Old Blue Last, London