September Girls - Green Eyed

September Girls – Green Eyed (Soft Power Records)

I get sent a lot of music. That’s what I do this blogging lark for, the free music. Much like buying a bulk lot at an auction though, you get plenty of dross to sift through. Every now and again, however, you find something so rare and so beautiful that it makes it all worthwhile. Dublin all girl quintet, September Girls, are one such find and I want to share my joy with you. Right now.

This is the second release from Sarah, Lauren, Jessie, Caoimhe and Paula and is a limited edition 7” slice of delight that you really ought to seek out. ‘Green Eyed’ is full of unsettling guitar melodies drenched in reverb, cavernous vocals that will follow you down dark alleys and relentless keyboards that do nothing but build the tension for the entire length of the song (under 3 minutes, as it should be). It’s Best Coast after a particularly bad break up, it’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on a really 80s trip and it’s Blondie’s little sisters getting all dark and brooding. It is also an incredibly poppy record that will have be-beehived girls dancing minimalistically at Indie Discos all over the known universe if there is any justice in this world.

B-Side ‘Danny Wood’ is a more upbeat and lo-fi number reminiscent of early Long Blondes and how I imagine the Shangr-Las would sound if they formed on the outskirts of Dublin with a sense of ambition and fun in their hearts. It’s ‘Hey Mickey’ for the post-Britpop generation and it’s only a mother flippin’ B-Side!?!? Just imagine how good this band could be!? I genuinely haven’t been this excited about a new band for a long time and, what I love the most, is that there isn’t a single weakness. Great songs? Check. Great name? Check. Great look? Check. And I bet they have sultry Irish accents too. I’m genuinely sold. I want to have some cynical, pithy sign off but I can’t do it. I just can’t. September Girls are my favourite new band of 2012 and I recommend everybody reading this to tell someone else to read it and then both of you should go out and buy this single and/or go to a show. In fact, scrap the ‘/or’, just go to a show. I’ll meet you there.

Live Dates:
October 6th - HWCH 2012, The Workmans Club, Dublin.
October 10th - The Fleece,Bristol, UK W/Shonen Knife
October 11th - Undertone, Cardiff UK
October 13th - Soup Kitchen, Manchester UK W/PINS
November 24th - The Pavilion, Cork.


  1. also playing Tipsy Bar, Dalston, London, UK on October 12th


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