ARTIST - Kimbra
FROM – Hamilton, New Zealand
LINE-UP – Kimbra
FORMED – Born 1990

Well the chances are, you already do – one way or another. You see, Kimbra is the guest female vocalist on the surprise hit of the year and musical marmite Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Intrigued as I was by her brief performance I thought I would look in to what else the latest in a long line of antipodean sirens had produced. I was disappointed with what I found because although what she has produced is outstanding, edgy and quirky pop of the highest order, there just isn’t very much of it. With a vocal range that Nina Simone would be proud of, a sense of pop that only the real stars have and lyrics to die for, it is only a matter of time before Kimbra starts storming the charts without having to piggy-back on another musician’s relationship breakdown. If your knowledge of New Zealand music is Flight of the Conchords and Crowded House then you should probably check Kimbra out for starters and see what can happen when pop music is created by people who haven’t won a talent show or sung for the approval of Emperor Cowell.

There is an album out (Vow) but I would suggest you head in the direction of downloading the Settle Down E.P. as soon as possible. This features four pop gems in the unrequited love story of a proto Stepford Wife (Settle Down), the motown-meets-electro romp of Cameo Lover, the spooky and kooky Good Intent and finally the erratically rhythmic pulse and vocal gymnastics of Limbo – a song that is almost impossible to dance to but equally impossible to listen to without moving. Odd but brilliant.

Although she didn’t come via the talent show route, Kimbra did sing at the Waikato Times Gold Cup race meeting in 2000, aged 10. Maybe Simon Cowell should check that place out.