HIATUS feat. SMOKE FEATHERS – Single Review

Hiatus feat. Smoke Feathers - Change Up


RELEASE: 4th June

So this is the first collaboration between electronica producer Hiatus and indie folksters Smoke Feathers and I really hope it’s not the last. Lead song Change Up is a sumptuous slice of mellowed out electronica with a hypnotically simple piano riff and a haunting vocal performance from Smoke Feathers’ Matt Falloon. To describe the music here is almost pointless because to analyse what you hear would be to completely miss the point. The best thing to do is close your eyes and the feeling and the atmosphere form around your head. It’s a hard one to place but for me it brings back that feeling of being the first one up on a sunny morning at a festival. Or the feeling you get when you finally realise you’re over the girl/boy that broke your heart. Or waking up and thinking it’s Monday but realising it’s actually Saturday! Rare and beautiful moments. It’s optimism, hope and a sense of possibility all rolled up in to a single song.

Maybe it’s something that Falloon has picked up within his ridiculously packed life so far. Among other things the crooner has worked for two years as a trainee reporter in Guyana, chased hurricanes in Jamaica and travelled to the Gulf with Gordon Brown. The man must have seen some beautiful and wondrous things in his short years and I, for one, am grateful that he has managed to be part of recreating that experience for my ears. There are two more tracks which don’t quite match up (Book of Prayer and Flickering) but are still worth a listen. There is also a video for Change Up and it is definitely worth a watch but get your ears around the song first and let it take you back to a very specific point in your life.