History Majors - Shadows 
History Majors - Shadows

According to their Facebook page, this Toronto trio play music that is the sounds of cats kissing. This is essentially a direct quote and if you really think about it that sounds would either be the very quiet noise of two soft noses touching or the caterwauling sound of scratching and squalling from the cat that wasn't happy about the kisses. We need to hear this, don't we? Single 'Shadows' is  a jaunty, jangly, upbeat piece of indie-pop that is Scottish in tone but West Coast U.S. in attitude as it perfectly mixes those perky guitar riffs with slurred, slacker vocals. Back in the 90s I would have taken at least one bus to buy a copy of this on 7" or maybe even tape, such is the quality of this indie slacker anti-anthem. The main thing that I'll take from this single is that I am genuinely worried about the cats that this band own and why they are being forced to kiss. And why the hell that makes a sound like 90s slacker indie pop. All very concerning. But fun.

Live Dates:

11th March - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto