Asher X – Mardeh EP (HQ Recordings) 

Asher X - Mardeh EP

Release Date: Out Now

Leicester’s Asher X comes with the weighty comparison of being the female Mike Skinner which is a lot to live up to but from the get-go on this EP you can see exactly why that comparison has been made. The ‘Mardeh’ EP starts with ‘Sonder’, a track that uses Amy Winehouse meets Massive Attack beats and melodies but overlays with conversational and natural rhymes that trip off the tongue with an unaffected Leicestershire accent that gives this realism and relatability. ‘True Romance’ is up next and immediately it has a darker, more subdued vibe with the opening lines “Boyfriend in a coma and I know it’s serious, copper’s light, are you hearing this?”. There’s a maturity to this that speaks of someone who’s experienced things to give her a reason to write and rhyme.

Asher X - top snack choice
On ‘Don’t’, Asher X heads down the Eminem path with slightly menacing classical piano samples over the top of an insistent beat and that mildly aggressive vocal softened only by the use of soulful harmonies from time to time. ‘Strange Paradise’ is the track on this EP that hooks me in most with the simple melody, killer bass line and head-bobbing beat as Asher X rolls out those rhymes and all you can do is sit back and let it wash over you, catching the words as the fly past you. The EP closes out with ‘Loot At Me Now’, a calling card of a song that’s setting out a stall with fantastic samples, organic beats and the voice of a confident, frustrated, energised and focused young woman from somewhere in the middle of not-so-Great Britain. She’s not the female Mike Skinner, she’s the one and only Asher X – a truly unique voice and I don’t think gender really comes in to it.