Playboy Manbaby – You Can Be A Fascist Too/I’d Like To Meet Your Parents (Dirty Water Records) 
Playboy Manbaby - You Can Be A Facist Too/
I'd Like To Meet Your Parents

Release Date: 20th January 2017

On top of being one of the coolest named places on the planet, Phoenix, Arizona, is also responsible for spawning quite a few top notch bands with the excellently named Playboy Manbaby being the latest. The band’s latest single features two marvellously entitled songs, the first of which is ‘You Can Be A Fascist Too’ and it’s two and a half minutes of in your face, rip-snorting garage punk featuring the kind of freak out saxophone that sets your teeth on edge. This is delivered like a mix of the Stooges, the Fall, Queens of The Stone Age and Liam Lynch with a gang mentality and the kind of anger that comes with a sense of injustice. The B-side, if such a thing exists anymore, is ‘I’d Like To Meet Your Parents’ and it’s a Talking Heads-esque slice of surburban deadendedness with a hint of Velcro Hooks about it. There is something beautifully unhinged about Playboy Manbaby but don’t make the mistake of thinking for one second that makes these guys anything but focused and purposeful. Anger, social commentary and wigging out like the B52s on a rainy day makes for a heady broth and I want another mouthful please. In fact, just plug it in to my veins.


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