Saints Patience – Break of Dawn 
Saints Patience - Break of Dawn

Release Date: 5th July 2016

London duo Saints Patience (aka Spencer and Mudibu) are ready to release new single ‘Break of Dawn’ on an unsuspecting public so I’m here to make you more, well, suspecting…I guess. ‘Break of Dawn’ is a big, fat slice of groove rock with an absolutely sumptuous hook kicking things off, some raw drums and then, surprisingly, thick old synths. So far so good but then Mudibu’s vocal kicks in like Seal during his 'Killer' phase and suddenly you don’t know whether you’re in the 70s, 80s or 90s with the influences on display. I get the feeling this will be something of a Marmite track but whatever your opinion you can’t deny the energy and the fact this sounds utterly different to anything else around at the moment. The repeated refrain of “We dance til the break of dawn” is almost chanted and tribal before the song breaks down to drums and vocals, only to build back up in to that hook based groove. Cards on the table, I love this track and I hope there are enough people out there who will love it too. Enough to get it heard by a wider audience.

Live Dates:

9th July – Single Launch @ The Finsbury, London