Yes Babez! – Madame Beaujolais 
Yes Babez! - Madame Beaujolais

Release Date: Out Now

OK, so finally we have a band just intent on having some fun, which is a relief. It feels like the pithy, self-deprecating press release and novelty band name died out in the 90s so it’s with a sigh of relief that I introduce you to West London duo Yes Babez and their new single ‘Madame Beaujolais’. Armed with the bottled spirit of the Ting Tings, some cheap keyboard sounds (I’m talking early 90s at best) and a strange obsession with the MILF next door, Yes Babez have created a light, breezy and perky piece of indie-pop with a very English sense of humour. Sure, I’d put money on the fact that Lily and Mick will never headline Wembley Stadium but there is an outside chance of one of their songs becoming a cult hit with strong backing from Steve Lamacq and perhaps some advertisement placement.

Live Dates:

21st April – 93 Feet East, London